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How to Choose an Essence

Your own personal case history will reveal the areas needing attention. If you are new to taking flower essences, it is preferable to start with your physical or emotional planes, before attempting to deal with any spiritual issues. Essences can be taken in conjunction with any medications or supplements you are currently taking. They can also help to realign the subtle bodies and re-balance an energy system after the course of medication, physical injury, operation or accident and aid in recuperation.

Read the essence description and determine which one feels right for you. Follow your intuition, usually certain essences or pictures of the plants will catch your eye straight away, and they'll be the essence that you need.

Of course, you can use any form of muscle testing, Kinesiology or Pendulum to determine the right essence for yourself.

You can also choose a remedy for other, for young children, animals and plants.


We recommend taking 1 to 7 drops of your chosen essence twice a day (morning and evening) in a 1/4 glass of the purest water available to you. You can use filtered rain or spring water, or commercially sold, bottled spring water to prepare the dosage. Water holds the memory of the flower essence's vibrations and spring and rain water posses unique qualities of being "alive" energetically by moving through the 4 elements.

In addition to taking essences orally, they can be gently rubbed on the skin (forehead, wrists, soles of the feet, palms of the hands or any acupuncture point on the body), they can be used in bath therapy by adding a few drops to a bath, as a body splash o room spray.

Taking the remedy regularly for about a week, paying close attention to your physical, emotional, mental, intuitional and spuritual states. Because essences work on the Subtle Anatomy, they allow you to become the participant and an observer at the same time. After about a week of taking an essence, reassess your personal state and adjust the dosage or frequency of the preparation.

Storing an Essence

We recommend storing your essences in the original tinted glass bottles, ensuring protection from the sunlight. They should be kept away from any radiation or electrical appliances such as televisions, computers, radios, clocks etc. Also please keep them away from prescribed medications, herbs, perfume or essential oils. Being vibrational remedies they should not be influenced by any other preparations.