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The Orchids make up one of the biggest families of flowering plants, yet also one of the most highly evolved. According to current estimations, there are some 730 genera and 25,000 species in existence. Extremely diversified, they are to be found in virtually all regions around the world, except for deserts.


A passion for Orchids and Flower Essences takes me into a complex and boundless world where I always make new discoveries…

Zygopetalum sp orchid

Zygopetalum orchid native to South and Central America with majority of species occurring in Brazil. It grows in high altitudes in mountain regions. We were attracted to this orchid for its vivid marks and colors and  long-lasting , heavenly perfumed flowers.


Zygopetalum orchid essence works through Throat chakra reaching Astral/Emotional plane while moving energy via Sacral area of Subtle Anatomy. It addresses relationship between 2nd and 5th chakras and assists in maintaining balance between Spirituality and Sexuality/Creativity, re-stimulates tissue regeneration and cell memory.


This essence helps regenerate ideas, thoughts and visions, assists in expression and manifestation of person’s creativity and talents, helps visualizing and bringing deep rooted fear of criticism, judgment  or rejection by others to the surface and to deal with these fears by means of person’s own power, commitment and inspiration..


 It recommended when there is a need to be aware of the world around, show honesty and truth expression of person’s purpose in life, break down subtle controlling influence of others, and when there is desire to have greater knowledge of Self and its potential as an integrated being in mind, body and spirit.


Cirrhopetalum Medusae sp Orchid


This orchid is named after Gordon Medusa of Greek mythology. It is an epiphytic orchid from the Malay Peninsula, Thailand and Borneo.


The essence of this orchid works on all chakras of the physical body, moving energy through all Subtle bodies as high as Atmic/Spiritual Plane. This essence exhibiting very powerful life force and assisting in general healing and tissue regeneration.

 It aligns all the subtle bodies, especially, to become more attune with nature. We feel that many people will enjoy using this essence, since with its help, one learns to become more telepathic with plants and animals. On the opposite site, this essence assisting becoming more resistant to plant and animal diseases.


Chrrhopetalum medusae essence helping release of thoughts from the subconscious mind, resulting in increase of channeling abilities where one can learn to have direct communication with physical body, helping develop sensitivity and understanding to the needs of Self and others.


This essence facilitating an increase of the life force within Self – it comes from the alignment of Mental, Emotional, Astral, and Etheric bodies to function more as a single unit – resulting in an increase of clairvoyant facilities. If desired, this essence can be used for past-life recall of traumatic/ joyful events affecting one’s present life – it stimulates physic faculties and Soul recall, therefore needed information received from the Higher Self to integrate past lessons, learning and abilities. 


Stanhopea sp orchid


Stanhopea orchid native to Central and South America and can be found in damp forests from Mexico to Argentina. It flowers once a year with beautiful, short-lived (3-4 days) flowers that have most pleasing scent. The flower spike pushing through the soil and emerging from the bottom of the container.


Stanhopea orchid essence energizing Throat and Solar Plexus chakras while moving energy to the Emotional/Astral plane. It strengthening Endocrine system and helping improve glandular functions by promoting capillary action.


This essence can assist with wide range of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, inflammations in cerebral cortex and can assist greater flexibility of bone tissue including cartilages, ligaments, tendons.


While moving energy through Heart centre, Stanhopea essence helping create total awareness of the Self and generate a capacity for tremendous psycho spiritual self-confidence. Fear of death, poor memory, inability to retain thoughts, inability to relax -  all of these greatly assisted by this essence. By balancing Emotions, spiritual nature  and mental Self are aligned achieving balanced interactivity of Body, Mind and Spirit.


Maxillaria nigrescense Sp Orchid


This orchid can be found in high altitude rainforests of tropical and subtropical America.

It produces masses of fragrant flowers in the late summer that last for 6-8 weeks and the flowers grow solitary on short stalks.


This essence works through Heart and Base chakras, moving energy to Astral/Emotional plane. Anxiety and over-stimulation of mental faculty can be alleviated with this essence. It acts like a sedative in its ability to ease tension in physical body.


Maxillaria’s essence can help to open and align both Heart and Base chakras, which will spiritualize the force of primary energy. However, this spiritualization depends on the individual person – not everyone welcoming such a positive changes in their life, for instance, someone focused on economic survival may not appreciate this special attuning to spiritual values.


This is an excellent essence to use in treating any spinal degeneration condition partly because of its impact on protein and carotene. It helps assimilation of protein and stimulates the enzymes to better bind carotene in the system.


Maxillaria’s essence assisting in easing depression and lethargy, due to the balance of Emotional body. It grounds, balances, and transforms an individual into state of harmony, helps interlinking physical and emotional body to function as a single unit, while developing practical spirituality. Helps develop security within the Self and then extend Self to Others with confidence.


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