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Essence of Tasmania

We invite you to discover part of the national treasure that the island of Tasmania is able to offer the world. Legend has it that flower essences were first used for healing over 500,000 years ago in a mystical place called Lemuria. This magical place was located in an area now partly covered by the Pacific ocean, and Tasmania have some of the oldest flowering plants on the globe. Energetically, Tasmania have the purest water, the cleanest air, strong sun energy and the soil that hasn't been polluted. The plants of this rugged beautiful green land offering you to try the essences from the plant material which have all of its original genetic imprints intact.

Native people have always considered plants as living beings, with concentrations of energy centered in the flowers of the plants. Flowers are an important part of every healing system known to man. These days with the help of science we are discovering that matter and energy are interchangable, and that matter is simply "crystalised energy". This is exactly the message that was passed down to us from every healing tradition.

We believe that our essences have to offer an enormous contribution to the people. Especially now, when human energy fields are effected by stress, shock, chemicals, electromagnetic, low frequency, radiation, heavy metals, petrochemical and other modern day pollutants. Our essences are subtle energy remedies which act as a catalyst for self-healing and for accessing the body's own innate healing mechanism.

Our essences are prepared the traditional way, utilising 4 elements by what is called the Devic Analysis method by attuning ourselves to the plants, thus gaining knowledge of their energetic quality and healing potency.

At this point in time we are offering 12 essences, as well as Energetic Pathway of the essences, which can be helpful to people interested in Vibrational or Energetic Healing.


Tasmanian Waratah ( Telopea trunicata )

Tasmanian Waratah is a small much-branched tree growing in mountain forests. The beauty of this tree in full flower, early in spring is a sight not easily forgotten. Each flower produces a secreted nectar, which drips from the flower. This tree is endemic to Tasmania.

Tasmanian Waratah Flower Essence works through the Throat chakra, reaching as high as Monadic Plane, while engaging Pericardium Meridian. This essence helps with protecting the heart from stress, nervous exhaustion and mood swings. It effectively addresses the relationship between the 2nd & 5th chakra, by energising organs associated with the Urinary system, thus moving toxic emotions from the body.

This Flower Essence is recommended when there is inability to relax and  release the past, it eases hidden fears and helps with issues aroung regrets. By moving emotions from the physical issue to the Knowledge on Soul level, it facilitates Self-knowing and capacity to learn from past experiences (sweet nectar of the flower).

Tasmanian Waratah Essence works on many levels of Subtle Anatomy and helps with welcoming changes in life, by seeing these changes as the process of harmony and Self Enlightenment

Tasmanian Abalone ( Haliotis ruber )

Tasmanian Abalone are commonly found on rocks and crevices around shallow waters. The shells are flattened and have a series of holes on the body through which water and waste products are passed. The pearly interior of the shell has long been used as the source of mother-of-perl.

We collected this shell near the town of Dover, down the south of the island.

Tasmanian Abalone essence energises the Heart chakra while moving energy to the Astral level of the Emotional plane. By stimulating the Heart chakra, it helps with infusing energy into all other chakras, thus attuning physical body to the etheric body while engaging all Meridians and Nadis. It works specifically with the Solar Plexus chakra and enhances the ability to move energy up through the body.

This essence is recommended when there is a need for emotional release and cleansing. Tasmanian Abalone essence creates a spiral of energy in the person's abdominal region, and helps with an increased release of emotions such as fear or guilt. It allows emotions to be understood at the higher level, and ultimately to see them as a source of energy, so this energy can be utilised as growth

Moss ( Weymouthia cochlearifolia )

In Tasmania, mosses grow abundantly in every area of the island and a testament to our pure air. They are especially abundant in rain forests where they form a thick carpet on the forest floor and extend up the trunks to the canopies of trees.

We have collected the moss for our essence from the south of the island, on the fringe of the protected World Heritage Area.

Moss essence energises the Throat chakra on the physical level, helping with emotional oxidation of the Thyroid gland. It eases aquired (Remedy) Miasm by temporarily realigning Subtle Bodies and assists in psychological detoxification.

This essence is recommended after prolonged exposure to medications or when there is a problem releasing their vibrational frequency. It aids in recuperation and emotional tension associated with the sense of control over a person's life and enhances the individuals ability to manifest bodily changes more easily.

There is a tendency for the emotional blocks to be released, and experience greater states of self-expression.

Huon Pine ( Lagarostrobos franklini )

Huon Pine is one of the rarest trees in the world and only found in the wilds of Tasmania with growing and maturing periods of 2,000-3,000 years. Because of its slow growing habit (120mm per century), its a much sought after natural resource. It grows only alone the swampy grounds of the Huon River, in Southern Tasmania. Huon Pine has a graceful pendulous habit, with drooping branches a classical conical pine shape and minute light green scale like leaves. With a reach of over 40m it is frequently seen on the river bank covered with Lichens.

Huon Pine essence engages all of the major chakras while energising the body's Lymphatic System. This essence facilitates easing of the Radiation Miasm and stimulates Emotional, Mental, Intuitional and spiritual bodies into a state of temporary resonance. It helps to combat an execessive increase in background radiation and subsequent deterioration of the Endocrine system.

Huon Pine essence is recommended when there is a constant low vitality, and a overall sense of loss. While in this state, the person may not be aware of their spiritual purpose in life and gradual irritability and loss of will to move forward develops. On the physical level it leads to reduced neurological activity, imbalances in the Endocrine system, various glandular malfunctions and a reduction of energy on many levels.

At the same time, background radiation is the energy that can transform, and is a tremendous force once it is understood.

Because its genetic imprint has remained intact since the earth was formed, Huon Pine offers an opportunity to overcome, manage and control a persons environment by means of living in harmony with all creation.

Otozamites sp. Jurassic

This fossil shows an impression of a Jurassic plant captured in stone for millions of years. It was collected on the banks of Luna River in southern Tasmania.

To unlock the energetic imprint of this fossil, we prepared our essence at the time of the Full Moon.

This essence works on so many levels of Subtle Anatomy, that it is difficult to isolate a specific area of application. It energises all chakras in the body, thus strengthening the Endocrine System, while transferring energy as high as Atmic (Spiritual) level. We feel that there is a tremendous life force stored in this essence, with one of the major contributions being memory recall - short, long, past or future.

It deals with issues of integrity, intution, belonging, attunment and spiritual journey. It helps with insight, guidence, faith, remembering destiny and acceptance. It works as a catalyst essence for confidence, compassion and courage, facilitating self-forgivenes, self-acceptance and self-healing. As the energy moves through the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Intuitonal and Spiritual planes its helping to increase awareness and perceptions of the Universal Timing.

Celery-Top Pine (Phyllocladus aspleniifolius)

This pine is endemic to Tasmania and in its maturity reaches over 20 metres. It is spread widely thoughout Tasmanian rainforests and in spring flowers with scarlet, fleshy flowers.

Even though its a pine, there are no needles, but  thick, fleshy leathery leaves

Flower essence of the Celery Top pine works through the Heart chakra, reaching Astral level of the Emonitional Subtle Body via Liver Meridian. It helps regulate evenness of flow of energy in the phyical body, by harmonising and strengthening emotions (astral).

This essence recommended at the time of nervousness, when there is a greater need to express feelings, can have have a very powerful cleansing effect on the emotional body. By stimulating Liver Meridan, it increases bile secretions, thus regulating and moving blood and qi.

Celery-Top pine essence can assist a person with deep issues of anger, hindred self-expression, aggression, anxiety and other emotional issues effecting the Liver Organ system in the body. It promotes harmony within the person by moving energy from the physical issue into higher levels to be addressed and delt with.

Leatherwood ( Eucryphia lucida )

Leatherwood tree flowers early spring and can be found in the Tasmanian rain forests. Large flowers in leaf axils near the end of the branches are so numerous that the whole tree appears white from the distance. Young buds of the flowers are covered with a yellow gummy substance.

This tree is the source of nectar for Tasmanian Leatherwood honey.

Leatherwood flower essence energises the Heart chakra by moving energy via the Central Meridian to the Atmic level of Subtle anatomy. It engages the Solar Plexus chakra and assists in the circulation and regeneration of all systems in the body.

This essence works by enhancing the ability to cleanse past difficulties by means of Joy. Happiness is the emotion of Personality, and Joy is the byproduct of Soul vibration. This can be difficult for many people to experience, as they move through many levels and observe the past events from the point of struggle or suffering. Yet there are always moments of joy, which are untouched by any circumstance. When leaving behind an old pattern and coming to a new one, there could be sadness associated with experiences.

Leatherwood lower essence is recommended when there is a need to remind about joy after striving, the joy of being given opportunity to know the contrast so as to experience polarity, the joy of friendships and relationships, the joy of privilege of helping, the joy of accepting many gifts and talents, the joy of learning from experience and the joy of not being perfect, for perfection is finite.

Myrtle Beech ( Nothofagus cunninghamii )

Myrtle Beech trees grow in moist, sheltered conditions. Reaching up to 50m in height its canopy shades out most plants. It has small flat leathery leaves and in spring they are bronze in colour.

This tree is wind pollinated. There are numerous Myrtle Beech forests located in southern Tasmania.

Myrtle Beech essence energises the Head and Base chakra simultaneously while reaching Atmic Level via Sacrifice area of the Soul Body. It helps with injection of energy and regeneration of all physical systems.

Sacrifice area of the Soul Body is in direct opposite to Sacrifice of the physical understanding. It is a path chosen at the higher level for the purpose of protection, helping, nuturing, teaching, sharing, directing and attuning. This merging of energies can be disturbing for some people, because of the fear of loosing their own identiy (Base).

Myrtle Beech essence is recommended when the pattern of helping other people on many levels becomes a way of life and especially when "what about me" questions start to dominate physical reality. By moving energy via the Head and Base centres, it helps with a detached attitude, and from that position calmly and powerfully carry out the work set out by the Soul vibration, thus being free from the inner emotional storm.

Pencil Pine ( Athrotaxis cupressoides )

This tree is unique to Tasmania and found in the mountain areas of high rainfall, often at the edge of streams and lakes. It flowers in early spring producing male and female cones on the same tree.

Its foliage is narrow and rounded, covered with closely overlapping stem-hugging leaves.

Pencile Pine flower essence works through the Solar-plexus chakra, reaching Mental Subtle Body while energising the small intestine Meridian. It effectively addresses relationship's between the Solar-Plexus and Heart chakras, by helping people to sort out and separate the important from the no so important emotions and situations. It moves energy by the skeletal system thus helping to let go of other people's expectations. By reaching as high as Love on the Mental Plane (Soul level) this essence can help to initate the power of choice, based on people's own needs.

Pencil Pine essence is recommended at times when there is a need for Self-love, Self-understanding, Self-worth, Self-care and Self-confidence. It helps with paying attention, with trust and acting out people's own needs. It shifts the energy and mirroring back to the individuals own unique divinity. For to experience unlimited love they have to recognise it first within themselves.

Sassafra ( Atherosperma moschatum )

Sassafra tree is widespread in Tasmanian rain forests. It grows to 45m with spreading rather than drooping branches. Oil glands located in the leaves and bark of Sassafra give a distinctive sweet smell and taste. Leaves are green on one side and yellow-white on the other.

Sassafra Flower essence works by activating Base chakra while engaging Triple-heater/warmer network while reaching the Astral level of the Emotional plane. This essence addresses issues associated with Gastro-Intestinal Organ system by stimulating the Head chakras.

Sassafra Flower essence is recommended at times when the the issue of security needs to be addressed, when issues of identity, believes or survival create increased vulnerability in a person. Fears of the unknown, diminished self-worth and self-esteem, emotional states transcended by this essence while giving an alternative point of view to the situation.

This essence gives increased energy to the thoughts that lead to a sense of deeper grace as the person accepts many possibilities of different paths in life and acceptance of many new ideas. It helps to increase the ability to receive thoughts and impressions from many points of view and become aware of the person's place in the universe, be aware of his/her beauty, sweetness and uniqueness

Petrified Wood

Petrified wood is a wood that has hardened over millions of years, when a fallen tree has turned to stone by the action of water and pressure. Our specimen contains minerals such as agate, opal and silica and was found near Hastings Caves in the south of Tasmania.

Petrified Wood essence works solely through the Etheric Body by energising Ethereal Fluidium. This essence helps to maintain the balance between the Physical Body and etheral dimensions. By helping to feed Ethereal Fluidium, it strengthens every cell in the physical body and assists assimilation of nutrients and minerals.

This essence is recommended after viral or bacterial infections, physical injury or operation. It aids in recuperation and when there is a need to ease physical effect of any specific Miasm. Combinations of Agate, Opal and Silica relieves emotional tension and an increased activity of the Ethereal Fluidium assists in intensification of the physical vitality and life force.

Olive Shell ( Oliva Australis )

Olive Shells are abundant in Tasmania an can be found in the shallow waters of the ocean. They tend to remain hidden by burrowing in the sand during daylight, emerging only at night in search of food. To us this shell represents a bridging between the mineral world and the animal kingdom, as well as displaying resonance with tidal and lunar forces and energies.

When we attune ourselves to shells, to us their showing unique vibrations, with each shell displaying different character and purpose.

Olive Shell essence energises the Heart chakra while assisting with emotional balance of Gastro-Intestinal system of the body. It helps to develop flexability for a broad range of emotional difficulties, thus mastery of the Heart centre. It eases emotional stress that effects the abdomen, spleen, digestion and helps with transcending this area into the seed of power - initiating balance, health and the ability the assimilate nutrients. Ocean/Water, Moon/Tides have long been associated with emotional balance and Olive Shell essence helps to re-channel stress and anxiety into grounding and clarity.

This essence is recommended when a pattern of rigidity and inflexibility starts affecting a person's life, when career or a particular position in life dominates and supersedes the importance of Self, when learning to "get out of your own way" and simply be, means allowing energy to circulate and nourish.

Olive Shell essence helps you to understand that the constant drive to be secure comes from getting in touch "with one's own resources of Self", for therein lies ultimate security.