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All of our Essences distributed in 15ml glass tinted bottles with droppers at the cost of US 20.00 or AU 25.00 for each essence. Please contact us for a special pricing for larger orders.


Postal charges inside Australia
1 to 5 Essences - AUS $8.00 for shipping
6 essences & more AUS $13.00 for shipping
Orders outside of Australia
1 to 6 Essences - US $7.50 for shipping
6 to 12 Essences - US $13.00 for shipping
Larger Quantities - E-Mail for pricing


For payments, we are using PayPal facility. Please add total $$$ amount including postage and click on the button below to complete transaction. Please allow 14 days for delivery - we will contact you when we dispatch your order.


If you prefer , we can send you PayPal invoice showing details of your order  - please send us your order including your postal address, number of individual essences to our email address - and we will forward you electronic PayPal invoice for payment.

Special Service

Please contact us if you need help analyzing an essence or plant or crystal or any other vibrational media. We will be happy to assist you in unlocking energetic imprint of your choosen subject. We are using distance assesment techniques to find out energy potential within. Our email address -